Air Cooled Servo Stabilizer

1 Year Warranty

Micro Processor Controlled stabilizer for providing stabilized output for industries purposes.


Hykon's Air Cooled Servo Stabilizer comes with a micro processor controlled feature and guarantees more than 98% efficiency. The servo stabilizer contains a motorized Auto Transformer which bucks or boosts input supply to give a stabilized output. Servo stabilizers are ideal for sensitive equipment used in industries. The method of cooling used in the system is natural cooling (Air Cooling). The stabilizer is used in various applications such as Offset Printing Machines, CNC Machines, Signalling Radars, Telecommunication Exchanges, Air conditioning plants, Escalators/ Elevators, Medical Equipment, General Laboratories, Hospitals, Industrial & Lighting Loads, and AC Motors.

Advantages of Servo Stabilizer

  • Controlled & Constant Voltage
  • Reduced Failure Rate of Electrical Equipment
  • Reduction in the DownTime / Maintenance expenses
  • Improvement in the Power Factor
  • Reduction in the MDI ( Max. Demand)
  • Immediate response to input transient surges
  • Energy Saving- Reduction in power wastage ( lower electricity bills)

Models and Capacities

*Courier Charges Extra. Conditions Apply.



Voltage Range

Available Capacities


Servo Air cooled - Normal Range - 1φ in 1φ out

170V - 270V

1KVA to 15 KVA


Servo Air cooled - Wide Range -1φ in 1φ out

150V – 270V

1KVA to 15KVA


Servo Air cooled -Normal Range- 3 φ in 3φ out

330V – 470V

3KVA to 100KVA


Servo Air cooled- Wide Range- 3 φ in 3φ out

290V – 470V

3KVA to 75KVA

*Courier Charges Extra. Conditions Apply.


Short circuit
300% for 250 ms
Normal operating temp
0 to 45°C
Climate condition
90% RH max
Over/Under voltage trip, overload protection with MCB, Single phase preventor (optional)
Input ON, Output ON, Input low, Input high, Output trip
Voltmeter with selector switch for input & output
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