Gardenia series

Hykon Gardenia series solar light is of decorative type luminary with inbuilt lithium batteries.

  • All night lighting. The light never be off no matter how many rainy or cloudy days.
  • The light can be installed from Equator area to Polar regions.
  • The working temperature is -47-70?.
  • Integrated design, modular production and one screw installation.
  • Low voltage design, safe and Reliable.
  • Integrated package, convenient transportation.
  • With LiFePO4 battery which usually apply for electric bus.
  • With high efficiency LED, long service life.
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Wallite series

Hykon wallite series solar light is meant for lighting walls in pathway or stairs.

  • Easy to install
  • Intelligent energy saving
  • Motion sensor
  • Three lights mode
  • Eco friendly
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Solo series

Hykon Solo series solar light is all-in-one type lights which includes lithium batteries.

  • Long life battery
  • Compact All in one design
  • Wall mountable
  • High efficient solar panels
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Solo R series

Hykon Solo R series is a solar street light which includes higher wattage LEDs & long back up

  • High efficient solar lights
  • Long life batteries
  • Auto On/Off function
  • Works whole night
  • Street light application 
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Solo R

Billite series

Hykon Billite series solar light is solar hoarding light with inbuilt lithium batteries.

  • Cool white bright LED
  • Solar panel with high efficiency
  • Long life lithium battery
  • Compact design
  • Easy to handle
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Aurora series

Hykon Aurora series is of solar lantern lights that can lit up your surroundings when most needed

  • Bright Light LED
  • Long life lthium battery
  • Handy
  • High efficient Solar Panel
  • Grid/Solar charging
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Aurora Solar Lantern

Flash Torch Light

Hykon Solar flash torch light is a torch that can be charged using solar power

  • Bright Light LED
  • Grid/Solar charging
  • Long life lthium battery
  • Compact design
  • High efficient Solar Panel
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Flash Torch Light