Solar Light

Solar Light

HykonIndia is a brand synonymous with high-quality electrical products, We brought in a range of solar-powered lighting solutions. HykonIndia provides the Best Solar light to provide the best lighting for various purposes. They are ideal for residential and commercial purposes. These lights are manufactured in various capacities and designs to suit the varying requirement. Some lights feature an in-built LiFePO4 battery and solar panel and some are designed with motion sensors. Solar LED lights from Hykon include Aurora series (solar lanterns), Wallite series (wall mounting lights), Gardenia series(garden lights), Solo series (all-in-one lights and street lights), and Billite series (hoarding lights). 

Gardenia series

Hykon Gardenia series solar light is of decorative type luminary with inbuilt lithium batteries.

  • All night lighting. The light never be off no matter how many rainy or cloudy days.
  • The light can be installed from Equator area to Polar regions.
  • The working temperature is -47-70?.
  • Integrated design, modular production and one screw installation.
  • Low voltage design, safe and Reliable.
  • Integrated package, convenient transportation.
  • With LiFePO4 battery which usually apply for electric bus.
  • With high efficiency LED, long service life.
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Wallite series

Hykon wallite series solar light is meant for lighting walls in pathway or stairs.

  • Easy to install
  • Intelligent energy saving
  • Motion sensor
  • Three lights mode
  • Eco friendly
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Solo series

Hykon Solo series solar light is all-in-one type lights which includes lithium batteries.

  • Long life battery
  • Compact All in one design
  • Wall mountable
  • High efficient solar panels
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Solo R series

Hykon Solo R series is a solar street light which includes higher wattage LEDs & long back up

  • High efficient solar lights
  • Long life batteries
  • Auto On/Off function
  • Works whole night
  • Street light application 
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Billite series

Hykon Billite series solar light is solar hoarding light with inbuilt lithium batteries.

  • Cool white bright LED
  • Solar panel with high efficiency
  • Long life lithium battery
  • Compact design
  • Easy to handle
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Aurora series

Hykon Aurora series is of solar lantern lights that can lit up your surroundings when most needed

  • Bright Light LED
  • Long life lthium battery
  • Handy
  • High efficient Solar Panel
  • Grid/Solar charging
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Flash Torch Light

Hykon Solar flash torch light is a torch that can be charged using solar power

  • Bright Light LED
  • Grid/Solar charging
  • Long life lthium battery
  • Compact design
  • High efficient Solar Panel
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