Stabilizer & Power Guards

Power guard

Protect your TV, AC or fridge from varying voltage with power guard from Hykon. Power guards are designed to offer not only protection from voltage fluctuations but also from lighting which may cause minor or severe damages. By protecting appliances from power fluctuations, Hykon power guards increase the efficiency of the electrical devices.

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Available options ( AC Guard , Fridge Guard , TV Guard )

Servo stabilizer

Servo stabilizer is meant for voltage stabilization of critical loadsServo Stabilizers from Hykon are ideal for industrial purposes and offer an effective solution to the problems of voltages fluctuations. The microprocessor-controlled stabilizer is designed to give a working efficiency of more than 98% which makes it the best choice for various requirements in industries. Air Cooled and Oil Cooled are the two variants in Servo Stabilizer

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Available options ( Air Cooled Servo Stabilizer , Oil Cooled Servo Stabilizer )

Stabilizer for TV

The Pearl Electronic Voltage Stabilizer can protect your TV from voltage fluctuations that may reduce their lifespan. Hykon Pearl Stabilizer can maintain a constant voltage and protect TV against power failures. A stabilizer ensures that your TV operates at maximum efficiency and delivers optimum performance. HTPS and HTPS+ are the two variants in Pearl Stabilizers.

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Available options ( TV Stabilizer )

Stabilizer for AC

Hykon stabilizer for AC protects the appliance from the damages caused by frequent power failure and voltage fluctuations. The stabilizer is designed to cut off in case of over temperature to protect the device. Hykon AC stabilizers are available in two variants: STELLAR Stabilizer for non-inverter type AC and INVA for Inverter type AC.

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Available options ( HIAS INVA Voltage Stabilizer for AC , HSAS STELLER Voltage Stabilizer for AC )