Moon 160

M.R.P: 29300

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₹ 27600
  • MRP : ₹ 29300
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A solar water heater is a renewable energy system designed to harness sunlight for heating water. Solar water heater typically consists of a solar collector, a circulation system, and a storage tank. The collector absorbs sunlight and converts it into thermal energy, which is then transferred to the water circulating through the system.

The Moon 160 Solar Water Heater from Hykon is a 160 liter capacity system that is suitable for residential or small-scale applications, providing a sufficient supply of hot water for various domestic purposes such as bathing, washing, and cleaning.

General Specification

160 Liters
Inner Tank
Weldless SS304L Inner Tank
Outer Tank
Aluminium Stand Parts
Glass Tubes
58x2100 Evacuated Glass Tubes
Water Quality
Suitable for water quality up to 600PPM
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