Product installed :

130LPD Dura Series Solar Water Heater slope roof model.

Product description :

Dura solar water heaters are suitable for domestic & industrial solar water heater purposes having water quality less than 600PPM. It is the best solar water heater for hard water.The inner tank is made up of long-lasting weldless stainless steel SS 304L, tank lids are powder-coated & PPGL outer tank. The and. This model can be used for various purposes in the household without depending on electricity for hot water. Apart from being an eco-friendly option, Hykon solar water heaters are long-lasting and easy to maintain. Rely on best water solar heaters for hot water in all seasons without electricity or any other fuel.

Solar water heater price :

Solar water heater cost Rs 19,189 /-

Quantity :

44 Nos

Images of project : 

May be an image of sky and tree

May be an image of outdoors

May be an image of outdoors

For Solar water heater installation & supply please contact Mr Abishek 7594900099 or whatsapp us

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