The solar water heating systems can be divided into two on the basis of the solar collectors used in them.  Collectors are one of the major components of a solar water heating system that collects the sunlight in order to heat the water.  They have Evacuated Tube Collectors and Flat Plate Collectors.

Evacuated Tube Collectors comprised of double-layered borosilicate glass tubes evacuated to provide insulation. The absorbing material coated in the outer wall of the inner tube helps in the absorption of solar radiation and later transfers the heat to the water that flows through the inner tube.

Whereas in Flat Plate Collectors, insulated metallic box consist of absorber sheets and built-in channels or riser tubes to flow water is placed on the top of the glass sheet. The absorber sheets absorb solar radiation and transfer it to the flowing water.


Let's have a comparison between the two collectors. After introducing evacuated tube collectors to the market it became a favorite among the buyers.

Some of the major advantages of ETC over FPC:

  • They capture more sunlight as their surface area exposed to sunlight is more than that of FPC.
  • Studies show that they are more efficient in transferring heat than FPC- up to 163%
  • They are more effective in extreme weather conditions and can supply hot water throughout the year.
  • They are durable and even if any breakage happens to the tubes, they can be easily replaced.
  • ETC needs less roof area when compared to FPC.
  • ETC can be easily installed by a single person.
  • Evacuated Tube Collectors perform better in colder and cloudier atmospheric conditions.
  • They quickly heat water than Flat Plate Collectors.
  • Heat exchangers not required for ETC.
  • They are in short, advanced technology at a competitive price.
  • In comparison with FPC, Evacuated Tube Collectors need negligible scaling and the inner tubes can be cleaned manually.
  • Low maintenance.
  • They provide hot water up to 200F, whereas FPC provides hot water up to 140F.

 Therefore ETC got an upper hand over FPC even if they have a slightly high price in markets.

Nowadays we have an end number of options available for the purchase of a solar water heater. But it's important to buy your heater from a qualified manufacturer as the installation and maintenance cost totally depends upon the quality and efficiency of the model. Hykon the established manufacturer of Inverters and UPS  now launched highly sophisticated Hykon Hexa and Hykon Dura water heaters having faster energy absorption and heating capacity. These Solar water heaters with premium mirror finished outer tanks and corrosion-free virgin polymer inner tanks are suitable even for hard water areas. For more details visit :

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