Have you ever thought of powering your home with the ultimate powerhouse of the universe,  that is the Sun itself?! This is exactly how a Solar Power System works!  In the modern era where people are more conscious about effectively utilizing the renewable resources of nature,  a solar inverter is definitely  the best investment you can make for your home.

Types of Solar Inverters & How it works

A solar inverter otherwise known as a PV inverter is basically a device which converts the direct current (DC) produced in the photovoltaic solar panel into alternative current (AC) that can be use in the grid. When your solar panels converts sunlight into energy the inverter takes this DC energy and turns it into AC energy which can then power your electronic appliances. During day time the battery charges itself using the solar energy and stores it for future use  as well.  Generally solar inverters can be classified mainly into Stand- Alone Inverters, Grid- Tie Inverters, Battery Backup Inverters and Intelligent Hybrid Inverters.

Stand -alone / Off grid Inverters

Stand alone inverters are not directly attached to a solar panel instead they are connected to the batteries which are charged using photovoltaic arrays and receive DC energy  from them and turns it into  AC. As they are isolated from grid they don't need anti-islanding protection. Stand alone inverters cannot export excess power to the grid.

Grid tied Inverters

Grid tied inverters which as the name suggest work along with the utility grid matching the frequency with the utility grid sine wave. They cannot supply power during an outage as they have designed in a way that they automatically shut down during power cut.

Battery backup Inverters

They are battery connected inverters which also work in sync with the grid in case of situations like high consumption or low availability of solar energy. They usually charge using batteries and export the excess energy to the grid.  At night they first use the stored power and later recharge the battery using power from grid. They need anti-islanding protection.

 Hybrid Inverters

As the name suggest this highly efficient  all in one inverters smartly manage photovoltaic arrays, battery storage and utility grid which are directly connected to the unit.

Technology driven market has flooded with new inventions on a daily basis so in experts’ opinion the future lies in the hands of smart inverters, which are capable enough to take autonomous decision regarding PV functions, battery and grid.

Solar Inverters always have an upper hand on their electronic counterparts as they are easy to install and convert energy of a renewable natural energy source. Before deciding on the right inverter for your home it is  better to know the technology under the hood and have an idea of the power requirements of your home.

Hykon, the well known name in the market recently introduced A next generation solar inverter with highly efficient and long lasting Lithium Ion Battery. This technically advanced inverter with attractive and stackable design has features that can satisfy all the power requirements of a modern home.



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