Solar Inverters:  The Power Backup that Saves Money!

Solar Inverters play a pivotal role in this era where sustainable living and eco-friendly means of energy production are considered as the need of the hour.

Solar Inverters are otherwise known as a PV the inverter is the device which converts the direct current (DC) produced in the photovoltaic solar panel into alternative current (AC) that can be used in the grid. When your solar panels convert sunlight into energy the inverter takes this DC energy and turns it into AC energy,  which can then run your electronic appliances. Thus Solar Inverter plays a prime role in your home’s solar energy system.

Solar inverters are mainly into Stand- Alone Inverters, Grid- Tie Inverters, Battery Backup Inverters and Intelligent Hybrid Inverters.

Solar Inverters: Advantages & How do they Save Electricity?!

·        Eco-friendly power back up

 The major advantage of a Solar Inverter is that it is powered by the greatest renewable natural energy source in the universe, the Sun. Therefore while using a solar-powered Inverter in your home,  you are contributing your share to a greater cause ie our fight against greenhouse effect and global warming.

·        Solar Inverter saves energy and thus saves your money as well!

As we mentioned earlier a Solar Inverter successfully converts solar energy to electrical energy with the help of photovoltaic cells. This can be fed to the electrical and home appliances that in general work under an electrical grid.

Studies say that a Solar Inverter is up to 96% energy efficient. To understand the energy-saving aspects of a Solar Inverter in detail, let's see how a normal inverter works!

An inverter is the simple word is an electric device which converts DC to AC. An Inverter is normally used as backup power in homes. Most of the home appliances and electronic devices  like Lights, fans, motor, fridge etc are work in AC. So in short an inverter is a portable AC power. The inverter takes DC Voltage from an input terminal of a battery. The performance and life of the inverter mainly depend upon the rechargeable battery connected to it.  Therefore in order to provide the necessary backup power for your devices, the battery of the inverter needs to be recharged regularly by connecting with the electric grid.

Whereas in a Solar Inverter, the solar panels play the role of input and provide the DC voltage from its photovoltaic cells. Thus a Solar Inverter, along with your home solar power system can make a huge difference to your electric consumption and monthly electric bills as well. Only thing is you need to select the right Solar Inverter along with the most efficient battery for your home.

Apart from the initial set up cost, a solar inverter with an efficient battery will not have much maintenance cost. The price of Solar Inverters varies depending on their type and power capacity from brand to brand.

Hykon,  one of the prominent brands of India is introducing Soliz solar stackable inverter with LiFePo4 battery for the first time in Indian markets.

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