Time to go Solar!!

Solar lights are indeed a revolutionary invention that rewrites all our conventional ideas about indoor and outdoor lighting of our homes. As an icing on top these  eco- friendly solar lights are aesthetically more appealing and cost-efficient comparing to the conventional electric lights.

All You want to know about Solar Powered  Lights

Solar-powered lights in simple words collect solar energy and convert it to lighting through  photovoltaic technology using solar panels during the daytime.  Later when there is no sunlight, this energy stored in rechargeable cells is being utilized.

In general solar lights can be divided into two, Outdoor Lights and Indoor Lights. Solar Street Lights and Solar Garden Lights are the main two categories under Outdoor Solar Lights.

As the name suggests solar street lights are the stand-alone or battery-based solar lights which are used for the outdoor illumination in areas like playgrounds, streets,  roadsides etc. Generally, a normal LED solar light can illuminate the nearby area surrounding  15 meters. Nowadays in markets, a wide variety of solar street lights are available ranging from 9W to 24W. The price range also starts from approximately Rs 12000 to 25000 depending on the respective model and capacity.

On the other hand, Solar Garden Lights provide the best option to illuminate your garden cost-effectively and moreover with at most aesthetic sense. These lights are charged during daytime and automatically powered up during the night.

Indoor Solar Lights or Home Solar Lighting the system is the best alternative solution for powering your home. Generally for the home solar system, the solar panels are installed on a rooftop.

Solar Lanterns and Emergency Solar Lights are also available in the market now. Solar lamps and lanterns have an in-built solar battery that can be charged using sunlight.  Both solar lamps and emergency lights are designed in a way that they have lower power consumption and longer power backup.

Why should I switch from normal lights to solar lights?!

Solar lights are the ultimate answer to end the number of queries related to lighting up a modern home. They are the eco-friendly, greener, cost-efficient way to illuminate your home.

As they are completely independent of the electric grid, they save you from shocking electric bills.

Solar lights are environment friendly since they have a vital role in reducing the global carbon footprint. They provide us with unlimited energy without exhausting our natural energy resources.  So by owning a solar-powered system you are contributing your bit to the sustainable living.

Solar lights are highly cost-effective. Even though they have higher initial investment they beat their counterparts in durability and maintenance cost. In nutshell while using solar lights you are using unlimited energy from a natural resource for free!

As they are easy to install and access they give you more freedom in matters like where to place your outdoor lights or how to illuminate your garden at night!

Another advantage is that once recharged fully they come in handy at extreme weather conditions and during natural calamities.

Nowadays our markets are flooded with end number of solar products. It's important to give attention to the quality of the brand while purchasing a solar lighting system for your home.

 Hykon being a well-known brand provides a wide range of solar products for their clientele. For a better idea visit their below-given site.

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