There have been huge developments in the field of solar powering technologies for the past two decades.  Now people consider investing in solar energy-powered appliances as a smart move. 

Aesthetically appealing solar lights are a favorite of almost all the customers who have adopted the technology as the power backup of their homes. Solar lights have rewritten all our conventional ideas of a solar-powered lighting system.

Solar-powered lights collect solar energy and convert it to lighting through photovoltaic technology using solar panels during the daytime.  Later when there is no sunlight, this energy stored in rechargeable cells is being utilized. 

Solar lights are divided into two, Outdoor Lights and Indoor Lights. Solar Street Lights and Solar Garden Lights are the main two categories that come under outdoor lighting.

Solar Garden Lights provide the best option to illuminate your garden and enhance its beauty cost-effectively. These lights are charged during the daytime and automatically powered up during the night.

 Let's look into the advantages of solar lights in comparison with electric lights.


The main attraction of solar lights is that they are 100 %eco-friendly. To accept a sustainable way of energy consumption in our life is really important nowadays.

Reduce Carbon Footprints.

Being the most commonly used electrical appliance, studies show that lights cause 17% of the total carbon footprints. To replace it with a counterpart that uses renewable energy sources itself makes a huge difference.

Pocket-friendly, as it reduces electricity bills.

Having a solar energy system in your home means you are no more worried about shocking electricity bills. They can really reduce your daily electricity consumption.

An added advantage of Net metering. 

As part of the various initiatives done by the government of India to get our country solar-powered, the government has introduced Net metering, a billing mechanism for solar-powered spaces. Using this scheme solar energy consumers can contribute to the overall power optimization along with reducing their electricity bills.

Self-sufficiency to an extent from the electricity grid!

Having a solar energy generating system of your own makes you free from depending fully upon the electric grid. With sufficient battery backup excess, energy can be stored for later usage.


The fact that they are absolutely free from the electric grid makes solar lights an easy choice for outdoor usage, especially for decorations. They can be easily port from one place to another without any hindrances.

Safe & Maintenance Free.

Apart from the initial setup cost solar lights are almost free from regular checkups and maintenance.  They are absolutely safe also as they are part of a green energy system.

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