There is an end number of options available in the market to select from when the desired buyer started planning to purchase a water tank. But it's equally important to make the right choice of the water tank as it is a necessary measure taken to ensure the safety and health in general of your family. Over these years plastic water tanks have been a favorite of lots of buyers as it is one of the most user-friendly product with many advantages. But recent market trends point to the fact that most of the buyers prefer stainless steel water storage tanks over plastic water tanks.

Here, the blog deals with some factors where stainless steel water tanks always have an upper hand on plastic water tanks. Stainless Steel, in short, is low carbon steel having 10% or more chromium in it. The presence of chromium attributes to its unique characteristics as it causes the formation of chromium oxide film on the surface of the steel, changing it to a strong, adherent, and corrosion-resistant metal. Corrosion Resistance First and foremost Stainless steel water tanks are corrosion-free.

The presence of Chromium, the alloying element in stainless steel turns it into a corrosion-resistant material. Therefore it can easily survive in atmospheric conditions without contaminating the water in it. Around 60 grades of stainless steel verities are there under categories, based on their alloying metals and other properties. Even the higher grades of stainless steel can survive on chemical solutions without going under any chemical reaction therefore commonly it has been used as a storage container for chemical solutions. Easy to Clean Stainless steel water tanks can be cleaned easily making them a perfect choice for strict hygienic conditions. Resistance to Heat & Power Higher grades of stainless steel are free from corrosives or scaling and continue to hold strong in high temperatures.

Therefore stainless steel water tanks can survive without contaminating water even in extreme weather conditions. Greater ease of fabrication Nowadays state of the art technologies is available in Industry so that seamless welding and joining of stainless steel is not a herculean task anymore. The same attributes to its aesthetic value as well. Strength to Mass benefits As steel alloys are included in higher specific strength materials where the higher material costs are worth considering its weight savings, strength, and durability.

Value for money Keeping in mind the total life cycle and low maintenance cost of stainless steel tanks, it’s the higher initial cost is not a costly affair at all! In long run, it assures the best possible value for your money. Eco-friendly- it can be recycled Stainless steel tanks are 100 recyclable. It is the safest choice for our environment also! Summarizing the above-mentioned aspects Stainless steel water storage tanks are indeed the best available option in the market. Hykon an ISO 9001 company’s Stainless Steel water storage tanks made from 304 food-grade stainless steel will be a trendsetter among the new age water tanks. The company offers the safest and leak proof water storage tanks with lifelong expectancy.

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