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130 LPD Solar Water Heater installation at Nasik Maharashtra

Nasik is an ancient holy city in Maharashtra, a state in western India. It is located about 190 km north of state capital. This was installed by customer Heart Sanjivani which was formed by Dr. Sanjay V. Patil with an objective of Preventing Heart Attacks. Its located in Satana Nasik.

Stainless Steel Water Tanks vs Polyethylene Water Tanks

Even though water tanks are available in various types like Concrete, Polyethylene, Steel, etc. Stainless Steel water tanks are gaining popularity. Many consider it as the best choice for industrial as well as domestic storage purposes. In this blog let's discuss the advantages of stainless steel water tanks over plastic/polyethylene water tanks.

LiFePo4 vs Lead Acid Batteries – A Comparison

When you have thoughts about Setting up a power backup system for your home, you can choose from several options available now in the market after narrowing down the specifications you needed. In this blog let's have a close examination of the two of the major selling battery types which are used in solar systems.

Solar power systems for disaster response and recovery!

During the last two decades, our country has been indulging in a process of developing a sustainable backup for energy supply. Studies show that to an extent we have succeeded so far through adopting renewable energy resources like solar, wind, hydropower, etc. as a power backup solution for our energy needs. Solar power got wide acceptance among the public because of its many advantages like simple mechanism, easy installation, long maintenance-free life, durability, and efficiency.

Which solar water heater is more efficient? ETC or FPC

The solar water heating systems can be divided into two on the basis of the solar collectors used in them. Collectors are one of the major components of a solar water heating system that collects the sunlight in order to heat the water. They have Evacuated Tube Collectors and Flat Plate Collectors.

7 Reasons why you should choose solar lights for your homes!

There have been huge developments in the field of solar powering technologies for the past two decades. Now people consider investing in solar energy-powered appliances as a smart move.

Solar Powered Lights

Solar Garden Lights provide the best option to illuminate your garden cost-effectively and moreover with at most aesthetic sense. These lights are charged during daytime and automatically powered up during the night. Indoor Solar Lights or Home Solar Lighting the system is the best alternative solution for powering your home. Generally for the home solar system, the solar panels are installed on a rooftop.

LiFePo4 Battery: What makes it ideal for your Inverters!

Its a known fact to all that batteries plays a vital role in determining the performance and life span of home inverters. In comparison with other battery technologies such as Nickel, Silver and Lead Lithium batteries have wide acceptance all over the world. Lithium has a high electrochemical potential and can be recharged repeatedly. Therefore lithium batteries have minimal maintenance cost and a longer life cycle.

Here is the checklist for buying your home inverter!

Inverters are indeed an inevitable part of any modern home, as a power backup for your home appliances is no more a luxury. There are many factors, that can be taken into consideration before choosing the right inverter for your purpose. First and foremost inspect the wiring of your home and have a general understanding of the leading inverter brands as well.

Solar Inverters: The Power Backup that Saves Money!

The major advantage of a Solar Inverter is that it is powered by the greatest renewable natural energy source in the universe, the Sun. Therefore while using a solar-powered Inverter in your home, you are contributing your share to a greater cause ie our fight against greenhouse effect and global warming. Solar Inverter saves energy and thus saves your money as well!

Everything you want to know about Inverters!

A solid power backup solution has become an increasingly popular demand amongst desired home buyers nowadays. The arrival of inverters in Indian markets during the late ’70s has been a boon for many. Still, the inverter holds its position as a favorite mainly because of its affordability.

Solar Inverters: The Smart Choice for your Home’s Power Backup!

Have you ever thought of powering your home with the ultimate powerhouse of the universe, that is the Sun itself?! This is exactly how a Solar Power System works! In the modern era where people are more conscious about effectively utilizing the renewable resources of nature, a solar inverter is definitely the best investment you can make for your home

Solar Water Heaters: A Solution for Future Power Shortages & Price Hikes

Appliances that can provide a continuous supply of hot water for domestic purposes are commonly known as water heaters. Water heating solutions are now an inevitable part of every modern home. With the invention of modern technologies and amenities, homes are more energy-efficient nowadays, still, water heaters are one of the major energy consuming devices.

Benefits of a Stainless Steel Water Tanks

Stainless steel water tanks can survive without contaminating water even in extreme weather conditions. Greater ease of fabrication Nowadays state of the art technologies is available in Industry so that seamless welding and joining of stainless steel is not a herculean task anymore. The same attributes to its aesthetic value as well. Strength to Mass benefits As steel alloys is included in higher specific strength materials where the higher material costs are worth considering its weight savings, strength, and durability.

How to reduce your electricity bill with a solar power system?

Sun is the biggest source of energy available around us. Using solar energy for powering up life is the best way to clean energy. By this, we are putting our bit towards saving mother earth.

How energy efficient is solar water heater than an electric water heater?

Of late, the solar water heater is gaining publicity with people understanding the benefits of installing a solar water heater at home. A solar water heater uses solar energy for heating water and does not use electricity at any point for the subject purpose.

Introducing Hykon Electric Auto

Hetto, the electric Auto from Hykon is designed to save money and be environmentally friendly. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, this electric auto features a hill start assist control and an onboard AC charger. Hykon Hetto Electric Auto requires low maintenance and guarantees superior performance.